Month: December 2015

Edtech Startup Edoome Launches In All Chilean Public Schools

Portfolio company Edoome recently secured a partnership with the Chilean Ministry of Education to roll out their product to all chilean public schools. I wrote a more detailed analysis of why this is big news on my personal blog. From the link:

Edoome (AngelList profile), a social learning management platform that turns classrooms into an online community so teachers, students and parents can communicate and collaborate easily and securely, just signed an agreement to launch Edoome in all of Chile’s public school system. In the next few months, 200k+ teachers and 3M+ students at 12,000+ Chilean public schools will start to use Edoome, making students’ and teachers’ lives easier and better. The majority of teachers who use Edoome save more than two hours of planning and preparation time per week, letting them focus on what they do best: teaching students.

This agreement is a big step forward for Edoome, as it brings an entire country’s education system into the Edoome platform. In addition to this agreement, Edoome has been growing quickly in Mexico, Spain, the US, Ecuador and Colombia over the past 6-12 months and now has more than 75k teachers and 150k students using the platform.

You can read the full post about why we’re excited Edoome is now part of Chile’s public school system.


Ttanti: Patagonia Wood Watches Launches Kickstarter

Update: Ttanti’s Kickstarter was funded with $32,000!

Two Years of Magma

It’s been two years since Francisco, Diego and I started investing in Latin American startups at Magma Partners. I wrote a detailed blog post with all of our investment data and our portfolio companies on my personal blog in a post called Magma at Two Years. Some of the highlights:

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • 500+ applications reviewed
  • 200+ meetings with entrepreneurs
  • 20 companies funded
  • US$1.1M invested
  • US$50k average ticket
  • 35 founders
  • 56 jobs created
  • 3 failed companies
  • 100% private capital
  • First portfolio company opening offices in the US, receiving US follow on funding


I’m really excited to to keep helping top entrepreneurs execute on their vision from our platform that we’re creating in Latin America. 2016 is going to be a really fun year!

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