Month: April 2017


I’m excited to finally be able to announce our investment in GroupRaise. We first invested in GroupRaise in early 2016 after I’d been trying to convince Devin Baptiste, GroupRaise’s cofounder and CEO, to let us invest since we started Magma back in 2013. After watching DevinSeanKevin and Paul and the rest of the team set milestones and execute against them, while usually blowing them out of the water, it was a no brainer to invest again in 2017 when they asked for more capital to grow more quickly, especially when we’re able to invest alongside great investors like Techstars Ventures and Kapor Capital.

For a more in depth analysis about why we invested in GroupRaise, check out my blog.

PortalFinance is our Fintech Contest Winner

PortalFinance, a Chilean/Colombian startup that provides a SaaS product as well as an evaluation decision making algorithm for the factoring industry. I’m really excited to welcome Diego and Felipe to our portfolio. If you want to read a more in depth analysis about why we invested in PortalFinance, check out my blog post on my personal blog.

Chile Tech Visa

Chile just launched a new tech visa that allows startup founders or tech workers to get visas approved within 15 business days. We think this is a game changer. As countries like the US are making it harder for people to come and work in the US, Chile is opening its arms to people with skills. For a more in depth analysis read Nathan’s post on his personal blog about Chile’s Tech Visa or the Spanish language article from Chile’s La Tercera.

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