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Diego Saez Gil is an Argentine entrepreneur who is the cofounder of Bluesmart, the world’s first smart luggage. After doing a $2.2m presale on Indiegogo, Diego and his team have raised multiple rounds of venture capital from investors in Latin America, China and the US.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:25] The life of a founder whose offices are all over the world and how he took his path.
  • [8:00] The culture shock of leaving his home and traveling to business centers around the world.
  • [11:54] Diego’s 2011 start of a new business – WeHostels.
  • [16:43] The advice Diego gives to startup founders about building a team.
  • [20:25] Growing a startup app company in a very competitive market – and the process of selling the company.
  • [23:34] Two years later: Crowdfunding a new product successfully – $2.2M raised.
  • [26:28] How the team made the crowdfunding attempt successful.
  • [30:44] Diego’s response to those who say there’s not much talent in Latin America.
  • [35:24] How to keep an international team of 39 working together smoothly.
  • [38:07] Why Diego went to Ycombinator even after a successful crowdfunding launch.
  • [47:04] The features and details of Bluesmart luggage.
  • [49:14] Tips for those interested in building a hardware company, including tips for doing business in China.
  • [51:29] Surprising things about Latin America and China.
  • [55:53] What Diego says to U.S. Investors about doing business with Latin American companies.
  • [1:00:32] Changes in the Argentinian government in relation to entrepreneurship.
  • [1:01:50] Diego’s advice to himself at the beginning of his startup journey.
  • [1:05:00] Learning to take expert advice but staying focused on innovation.

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