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Lo que debes saber antes de invertir en startups

Founderlist nos invitaron a conversar sobre lo que un inversionista debe saber antes de invertir en startups. Hay un resumen de la charla de Nathan Lustig y el panel de Max Grekin, Julian Herman de EY, Juan Carlos Muñoz de Chile Global Angels,  y Andrés del Río en el blog de Founderlist.

Charla y slides de Nathan Lustig. Perdón la calidad del audio de los primeros 30 segundos. Esperemos que sea util.

El post original de Brad Feld Suggestions for Angel Investors es la fuete de mucha información en la charla.

Doing Business in Latin America SUP Academy Talk

Esta charla está en inglés, pero valió la pena compartirlo acá. Perdón la calidad del audio. Espero que sea util.

Here’s the show notes:

0:00 – Introduction: My story

Exchangehut, Entrustet, WelcuStartup Chile, How I ended up in Chile.

4:30 – Magma Team Overview + Introducing Beatriz Cereceda, our Entrepreneur in Residence

6:30 – Magma portfolio + What we do and how we’re different

11:00 – How to raise money in the US as a Latam company

15:30 –  The types of businesses you should think about starting in Latin America

B2B Examples: Pricing CompassMyhotelDeentyFounderlist.laAmberads

18:30 – More examples: Companies with their back office in Latam and sales in the US/Europe/Asia

Examples: ArchdailyPropertySimpleBankityMaker.doKetekaAmberads

20:20 – Why social startups should be in the US, not Latam

20:45 – Advice for doing B2B sales in Latam, focused on Chile

24:00 – Copying/Cloning in Latam + Adapting to local realities

29:45 – Why acquisitions are less common and for lower multiples in Latam

32:40 –  Q and A – How does Magma make money investing in Latam?

35:30 Whats the sales cycle look like for B2B companies in Latam?

36:30 – How do we decide how much equity we ask for?

37:30 – Are there accredited investor requirements in chile? Are there active angels?

39:00 – Is there a startup bubble in Latam? Worldwide? How attitudes have changed in Latam since 2010? Note: I misspoke on this answer saying MRR when I meant ARR.

2010. Chantapreneurs and serial contest “winners” starting to fail.

40:30 Is there a US startup bubble?

Photo Credits: Daniel EcklerEduardo BeltranElvis KennedyRichard HurdGarrett ZieglerGerard Van der LeunMark HunterDennis Yang

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