Francisco Saenz Rica

Francisco Sáenz Rica is a Chilean entrepreneur with ample consulting and management experience in big businesses, commercial real estate, finance, manufacturing, and real-estate companies. His experience in entrepreneurship began in the financial industry, where he worked for over a decade alongside his father, Orlando Sáenz Rojas, the former President of SOFOFA (the Chilean Federation of Commerce), and the founder of the first financial advisory office in Chile.

After working in the consulting business, Francisco took charge of Jardines del Bosque Investments, a fund with ownership in companies like Parque Arauco S.A., Isapre Cruz Blanca S.A., Envases del Pacífico S.A.,Banco BBVA, among others. He is either a director or an advisor participating actively in their most relevant decisions in these businesses. Francisco has been an Economics professor at the Universidad del Desarrollo, has been a director in the Fundación Nocedal, and has post-graduate studies in Literature and Philosophy.

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