Kr Space and Magma Partners China Latin America Accelerator

Our Approach

We create connections between China and Latin America

The Sino-Latin America Accelerator helps Chinese entrepreneurs launch & scale in Latin America & Latin American entrepreneurs leverage connections with Chinese companies, venture capitalists & other resources.

Kr Space, part of the 36Kr group, is one of the biggest players in the coworking space, with 30+ locations in China and SE Asia. Kr Space also accelerates 20+ companies per year from it’s base in China. Kr Space has raised more than $200M in venture capital.

Magma Partners, with offices in USA, China, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, is a leading venture capital firm focused on early stage investment in Latin America.

The Kr Magma Accelerator has physical spaces in Beijing and Shanghai, along with use of Magma Partners offices in Latin America. If you’d like to apply, please fill out our application form.

Bringing China and Latin America Closer Together

Interested in Kr Magma Space? Reach out!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Kr Magma Space and the China-Latin America Accelerator, please fill out our application form so we can learn about your business and start to help you.

"The Kr-Magma Space has helped us with connections in both China and Latin America"
— Noticias Aguila, the Toutiao of Latin America
How does it work?

The Foundation of Invested


Online Application

Latin American companies that want to leverage Chinese technology, Venture Capital and corporate partnerships can apply all year round.

Chinese companies that want to launch, scale or expand in Latin America can apply all year round via our application phase or by reaching out to our Beijing Office.


Personalized Evaluation

Latin American companies will get feedback from our team to see if they are a fit for the program. We will do our best to provide actionable feedback even if you are not a fit for the Kr Magma Accelerator.

Chinese companies are eligible for placement into the Kr Space accelerator and will get feedback from our expert team to see if you are a fit for the program. We will do our best to help make connections with VCs and companies in Latin America.



Both Chinese and Latin American companies can receive equity free accelerator services if they are a fit for the program. Most Latin American companies will participate in the program from their home countries, whereas Chinese companies may be asked to participate in Shanghai or Beijing.



Magma Partners and Kr Space may make investment offers in conjunction with the Kr Space Magma Partners China- Latin America Accelerator. These investments can take place before, during or after the accelerator. Unlike many Latin American accelerators, Magma Partners will never ask for equity without investing money.

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