Pedro Neira

Latin America is fast becoming a contender in the global startup arena. 4-time serial entrepreneur Pedro Neira Ferrand has been at the forefront of this shift. Having grown 3 of his 4 startups in LatAm, Pedro has witnessed the changes to the local startup ecosystem with pleasure. After founding 2 startups— one immediately before, the second immediately after the dot-com bubble, Pedro sold his 3rd startup (adondevivir) to Tiger Global Management, a firm out of NYC with investments in Spotify, Nextdoor, Chargebee, & InVision.

After the acquisition, Pedro stuck with Adondevivir for 2 more years before moving on. Now Pedro has secured his 4th round of funding for his current venture, Mi Media Manzana, the #1 most downloaded app in the dating category in LatAm, with over 1M downloads.
Talking specifically about fundraising, Pedro has accumulated extensive experience raising funds from different parts of the world for his 4 startups: Spain, Silicon Valley, New York, South Korea, Peru, Colombia. Over the years Pedro has raised more than US$ 5 Million in different debt and equity instruments, successfully completing 15 rounds with over +300 pitches
With 4 startups under his belt, Pedro is now dedicated to educating budding entrepreneurs in LatAm through his involvement in organizations like BlackBox Connect (2014 Acceleration program gratuate, named BlackBox Ambassador 2018), Founders Network (Lifetime member 2018), and Endeavor (Selected as Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2015) and participation in numerous entrepreneurship and Startup related events.

P.D: See full article about Pedro Neira here (April 2018)

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